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Scott Sosebee and Gene Preuss interview with Rachel Michelle Gunter, Season 2 Episode 1, “From 
Textbooks to TikTok.” Talking Texas History (podcast), August 16, 2023 
"How Ruth Bryan Owen Shaped Citizenship Rules for U.S. Women," NowThis News,  March 27, 2023. 
Dr. Gunter talks about the movement for women's independent citizenship, the Cable Act, and the controversial election of Ruth Bryan Owen to Congress. 
Jason Herbert interview with Rachel Michelle Gunter and Nicole Donawho, Episode 21, “Carrie with Rachel Gunter and Nicole Donawho,” Historians at the Movie (podcast), April 19, 2023. 
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"You didn’t always have to be a citizen to vote in America" in The Washington Post, Wednesday, December 29, 2021. 
Dr. Gunter wrote  an op-ed on how incredibly common non-citizen voting has been throughout U.S. history and how politicians are using the threat of it now, even in places where it is not happening, as an excuse to threaten voting rights and immigrant rights.

You Don't Know History, Audio Podcast, Episode 10
“‘…a conforming reorganization of all social, political, and industrial interests…’ The U.S. Women’s Suffrage Movement,” February 9, 2021

Dr. Gunter sat down for a long chat with Michael McGuinness about woman suffrage in the United States from the abolition movement, the 14th and 15th Amendments, WWI, the 19th Amendment, the Civil Rights Movement, and the continuing fight for voting rights and fair elections today.
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"The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You: Have You Paid That Poll Tax," Not Even Past Digital Magazine, University of Texas Department of History, January 20, 2021.
The University of Texas's Not Even Past magazine published a series contending with the school fight song, "The Eyes of Texas." My contribution discussed a League of Women Voters' poster bearing the phrase and a giant set of eyes encouraging women to pay their poll tax.

"There is Nothing Sacred About the Military Vote," History News Network, November 8, 2020
Here is my op-ed on historical efforts to disfranchise or manipulate military voters and why efforts to throw out military absentee ballots for political gain in 2020 were not without historical precedent.

"But That Isn't The Whole Story," South Writ Large, Online Magazine, Summer 2020.
The online magazine, South Writ Large, asked several writers for short pieces reflecting on women they admire in honor of the 2020 suffrage centennial. My piece, But that isn't the whole story,  reflects on the suffrage work of Minnie Fisher Cunningham, Christia Adair, and Jovita Idar.

"Suffering a Suffragist: An 1880s Romance, review of The Lady and the Texas by Bobbi Smith, Nursing Clio, Feb 2020.
Nursing Clio's Romancing Clio Series, had historians read historical romance novels set in their eras or specialties! The romance novel I read was about a suffragists from Texas.


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